Wash Day

By Diane Virginia

“She hath washed my feet with her tears, and wiped them with the hairs of her head.”  Luke 7:44b

It was “Wash Day.” Elise got right to work. She separated the laundry into piles, loaded the washer, and reached for the cleaning agents. She meticulously measured bleach, detergent, and fabric softener, pouring each into their respective receptacles. She hit the start button, and turned away. As Elise glanced at the remaining piles, she realized the white clothes were still on the floor.

“No!” Elise exclaimed, jamming the stop-cycle button. She removed her permanent press clothing and replaced them with whites. She was relieved she had retrieved her business attire before the bleach had dispensed. “Why did I do that?” she said. Elise quickly answered her own question, “It is because I was just going through the motions.” Doing laundry wasn’t something Elise prioritized; rather, it was a chore she did because it was necessary. She didn’t mind the routine of Wash Day, but she didn’t value it.

Elise poured coffee, sat, and opened her Bible. She read about Mary who had been going through the motions of religion until Jesus rescued her from a life of sin. Now, Mary offered Jesus her most precious gift—an alabaster box with anointing perfume, which was her dowry. As she did so, her tears fell upon her Master’s feet, which she wiped clean with her hair. No longer was Mary content to go through the motions of lifeless religion; rather, she was devoted to Jesus with every ounce of her being. Mary loved Christ! She would follow Him even to the cross. Mary knew through the Spirit that He would give His life, and so she anointed Him for burial, with her best gift, hoping He would rise again.

Elise set her Bible on the stand. “Jesus,” she whispered, “am I going through the motions with my religious ways? Am I focusing my attention on You when I read Your Word? Do I have the gratitude Mary had when I sing to You? Remake me, Lord. Help me to recognize You paid the ultimate price—that of death on a cross—in order to forgive me as You did Mary. The least I can give You is a heart wholly devoted to You. Mary worshiped You; create in me the heart of a worshiper.

Gently, almost imperceptive at first, the rain of the Holy Spirit began to descend upon Elise. The washer buzzed, but Elise stayed seated. Why? It was “Wash Day,” and the Lord was answering her heartfelt prayer. A song of praise and thanksgiving, as well as peace unfettered, saturated Elise’s humble heart. She sang into the evening, and then, stillness permeated her soul. In the silence, Elise felt the empowerment of her Savior as never before.

“Wash Day” comes when we permit our sovereign LORD to reign.

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Wash Day is a work of fiction based on real life events.

Published: March 26, 2017: The Vision Magazine: Word Aflame: Editor Karen Myers: Pentecostal Publishing House, 36 Research Park Ct., Weldon Spring, MO, 63304: pentecostalpublishing.com

About the Author

Diane Virginia Cunio is the author of The Kiss of Peace: An Intimate Exploration into Song of Solomon and Behind the Veil: Becoming the Bride of Song of Solomon (both awaiting publication). She is passionate about sharing Beloved Jesus’ divine love for you, His bride, as allegorically portrayed in the vignette, Song of Solomon.

She has developed the model for motion-activated musical prayer-stations for use in the garden retreat, themed to the places you as Beloved’s bride travel to in Song of Solomon.

Diane is a regular contributor for Christian Broadcasting Network. She has written for Faith Beyond Fear, Pentecostal Publishing House, The Secret Place, and other ministries.


To schedule Diane as a speaker, please contact her via her website: Stories and Devotions Inspired by the Vine. You may find her on Facebook or contact her via email at email@vinewords.net.