The Whisperer (3 Min Devotion)

Diane Virginia

“And when the woman saw that she was not hid, she came trembling.” Luke 8:47a

She came to Him, crawling. If her declaration was voiced, it was softer than a whisper. Because an issue of blood had plagued her, she was not permitted to come into a public setting. Therefore, she had lived in isolation for twelve years.

Twelve. Long. Years.

Jesus had visited her town before. Consequentially, the townsmen eagerly anticipated His arrival. Jairus, the Synagogue leader, had an urgent need. His only daughter was dying. Jairus motioned for Jesus and knelt before the Master in reverence.

The woman recognized this was the opportunity she’d hoped for! She seized the moment and pressed through the multitude as they stopped for Jairus.  The crowd became as a stampede, pressing close to the Master. Everyone wanted to touch Him.

The woman flinched as her hands got stepped on time after time. Still, she continued to crawl forward. As she came behind the Master, she whispered her declaration, “I… will… touch His hem…” and, as she grasped the tassels that represented the Word of God, faith rose in her spirit like a waterspout on the ocean. She felt healing virtue as electricity shoot into her body. The woman retreated, preparing to exit unnoticed. But then, He spoke.

“Who touched Me?”

“Master, the multitudes that touched You are still touching You,” a disciple answered.

“Someone touched Me,” Jesus said, “for I perceive that virtue has gone out from Me.”

The woman, knowing she would be discovered fell at Jesus’ feet, downcast. “It is I,” she whispered, weeping quietly.  What will Jesus do to me now? she thought. She was no one of importance. She had been shut out of society because of the disease, and furthermore, she was a commoner.

Jesus lifted her to her feet, cupping her tear-stained face in His hands, as He spoke, “Daughter, be of good cheer. Your faith has made you whole.”

The woman was amazed that He affirmed her.

“Go in peace,” Jesus said. This was His declaration of prosperity.

The woman realized she could live again in fullness of life. Satan was the thief who had caused the illness and the isolation. Now, not only had her body been made whole, her spirit had become whole as well, for she recognized she was a daughter of the King. With one faith-filled touch, and because she’d acknowledged that Jesus is the Healer, her fate had changed.

The Master continued His journey and raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead. But first, He had taken the time to raise the woman who’d had scarcely enough self-esteem to whisper.

Lord Jesus, You answer the prayers of every humble person, regardless of societal status. Help me to remember that to You, I am royalty and that You love me enough to shape my destiny.

Copyright © 2016: All rights reserved: VineWords Stories and Devotions Inspired by the Vine: Author Diane Virginia Cunio; Pen Name, Diane Virginia: The

The Whisperer is a work of fiction based on biblical accounts.



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  1. Judy Smith says:

    This woman reminds me when I need “to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment”. Many people today spend all the money they have to get well to no avail when touching the hem of HIs garment is what is needed.
    Thank you, Diane!

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