A Comment on: “Healing for the Brokenhearted”

Here is a beautiful message I received from my friend, Teresa A Montgomery in response to the devotion, Healing For The Broken hearted. She speaks into a translator to type, thus there are few capitals or periods. Please hear her heart on today’s subject:

“No matter what you’ve gone through in your life… there is nothing impossible for our wonderful Heavenly Father. There is no damage so bad there is no pain so deep there is no hurt but he cannot tenderly and gently take away. You are so valuable to him you are a treasure. Much much more awesome than the Hope Diamond much greater than anything you can imagine that’s how he sees you if there had been no one else on this Earth but you he would have hung on that cross and suffered the beating that he suffered just for you. His grace and his Mercy endures forever and all the weeping may endure for the night joy cometh in the morning all because he is so wonderful and he loves you so much God bless you each and every one”

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